About Lashlar
Lashlar is the nom de plume of Kwok-Ting Lee. Originally from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, he now calls the sunny city of Sydney, Australia home. He is a 2nd year Arts/Law student at the University of Sydney who interned for SmokShop to take on the TPD for the electronic cigarette and vaping industry. More about Lashlar

About Whispering Words
more about Whispering Words
Whispering Words is the journal (or blog or weblog, if you prefer) of one Lashlar. It is, in brief, a combination of irregularly updated personal journal, a repository of writings and translations dealing with Imperial China (that is to say, pre-ROC and pre-PRC China), and a collection of musings on subjects or events of interest to the author. More about Whispering Words

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