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Fiction (4)
Lashlar writes. This should be obvious to anyone who visits this site. Lashlar sometimes gets bitten by a desire to write fiction. He admits that most of it is not very good. He does, however, indulge in it simply because he can.
Geeklog (2)
Lashlar has an inner geek. His inner geek loves all things related to XHTML, CSS, and PHP, inter alia. He also enjoys things like shiny new computers, beautiful fast graphics cards, huge amounts of RAM, beautiful designs, playing with Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia Dreamweaver, et cetera. He is most happy when he has time, money and energy to spend pursuing his fascination with shiny technological toys. This category is an ongoing chronicle of the adventures of the inner geek. Authorship of this category belongs to the inner geek.
If-Project (4)
When Lashlar was more impressionable (and had more leisure time than he could shake a fist at), he used to write these once a month. The project, and Lashlar’s interest in it, happened to die down at the same time, a fortitious set of circumstances indeed. It is kept here solely for the completeness of the historical record.
Law (2)
From time to time, as the mood takes him, Lashlar finds himself writing about aspects of the law. That should not be surprising, although Lashlar does try his best to avoid selecting topics so boring that nobody would read it. He is acutely aware that the law is not, after all, a very fascinating subject.
Philosophy (3)
Lashlar considers the unexamined life to be not worth living, and tries to fit in at least a little philosophy each year.
Randomness (34)
There are things that defy classification. Therefore, because he is an anal-compulsive monster who should have been shot before he reached this advanced stage of degeneration, Lashlar has created a classification for them. He wishes that he had decided to go with the Borges classification system, but due to his liking of single word categories, he decided that it would be inappropriate to have a multiple word category label, as that would destroy his neat classification system and directory structure.
Sapphire (1)
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